Hero what?

Yes you heard right...hero cats. 

Even those of us who thought we knew all about cats will be astonished by this book's revelations. Among the heroes you'll find Midnight, who howled relentlessly to sound the alarm that a baby girl stopped breathing. There's Ringo, a red tabby who warned his owners of a gas leak minutes before they would have succumbed to the deadly fumes. And of course there's Scarlett, who braved flames again and again to rescue her kittens from a burning building. 

Anyone who loves animals will be charmed and delighted by these unusual "tails."

Cats & Dogs

Acquiring a puppy or a kitten entails a commitment that can last from ten to 15 years. In both these books, Swanson, an expert on animal behavior and cat training techniques, guides potential owners through the pros and cons of pet ownership with humorous yet honest advice. In We're Having a Kitten, he outlines considerations--furniture clawing or plant nibbling, vaccinations and healthcare, and the cost of food and litter--that may influence the decision to acquire a kitten. In one particularly good chapter, Swanson discusses the various cat breeds and gives excellent advice on how to find the right breed for an owner's personality. His chapter on introducing the kitten to the household and training essentials is especially well written. We're Having a Puppy follows the same format, describing such aspects of responsible dog ownership as house training, dealing with barking and chewing, and exercising the animal. Swanson discusses various breeds and their personalities, and a chapter on living together includes information on training, travel, and grooming....Swanson's titles are unique in stressing the responsibilities of pet ownership. The illustrations in both volumes are great fun.

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Eric Swanson